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KanScan User Guide download

1)  Video - Installing KanScan

Watch the video InstallKanScan for steps to install KanScan.

KanScan Installation Demo

2)  Video - Simple Steps to digitize using KanScan

Watch the video RunningOCR for steps to digitize printed text document image.

Running KanScan

3)  Video - Using Spell Checker in KanScan

Watch the video SpellChecker for learning to Spell Check kannada words in KanScan text editor..

Using Spell Checker

Most document images can be digitized in just 2 steps. Here are the steps.

Initial Setup:

  • Make sure the folder path for images and MS-Internet Explorer is set.
Click on "Options" menu item, then, "Parameters"
In the "Configurations"  window, verify and update the path if required.
Configuration Window

Simple Steps:

1.  Click on menu "File" -> "Open Image Document".
     Navigate to the image folder and select the document image that needs to be digitized.

File Select

    Click on button "Open". This will load the image on the screen.
2.   Click on button "Run OCR" button. The image will be sent to the server and after a few seconds the digitized document is automatically opened up and shown.


Thats it. Just 2 steps to digitize your document !

In case, the document  is degraded or has lot of border noise, then, you may need to provide a few additional  inputs to improve the accuracy of the digitized output. In these situations, you need to refer to detailed instructions in the KanScan User Guide.


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