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KanScan - Finally, an OCR solution to digitize printed documents in Kannada language.


There has been significant advances in  OCR (Optical Character Recognition) products over the last few decades. OCR is now considered a solved problem. Many commercial OCR products are available in the market. But, these facts apply mainly to  English and European languages.

What about OCR solutions for Indian languages?
What about OCR for Kannada language, which is the language of people in Karnataka and has a history of more than 2000 years? Some work is being done. But there isn't any product that is publicly available until now.

 KanScan  is an OCR product developed to recognize printed text documents for Kannada language. A beta version of the product is now available and released.
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KanScan 1.0 Beta version released

KanScan User Guide released

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